{The Beautiful Things} - solo exhibition 2020


親密,過程令我更珍惜它曾給予我的意義和回憶。 透過繪畫,我與事物之間,


Our desires to own never end.

Today, it might be a paperback and tomorrow a waist watch.
We were born to like beautiful things,
let it be an object or relationship,
we want to keep them. Once we own it, it’s hard for us to let go.
And we learn to cherish.

As the clock ticks, we move on, colour fade away and blossom falls.

I like to draw what I love and cherish.To me, this is the best way to keep it in mind.
Drawing has the power to bring back the memories that it has given you.

Every line I drew and every point I dotted, an intimate relationship is formed.
Through drawing, we bonded with this beautiful thing in our lives, putting on
feeling and weight.

If you want something, draw it, and it will be with you forever.

* A total of 20 paintings are displayed in the exhibition.